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Making the Most of Your Space

So you have a beautiful new apartment but aren’t exactly sure how to make it look like the model we showed you when you came to tour… Have no fear! We are here to help!

Don’t shy away from color. If your favorite color is bright yellow, you may not want to paint your walls that brightly but consider painting a tint or hue of that color and brightening the room up with curtains or floor coverings. The same principle will work with dark colors like eggplant and red. Remember, generally speaking, the brighter colors will open up the room and the darker colors will warm up the room. Decide what feel you want for the room before you choose your color.

Keep the eye moving gracefully from room to room by tying this theme color into each room. This will make the transition from one room to the next effortless and natural. If you can see your bedroom from the living room, consider a throw pillow or lamp shade in the hue of your choice. This will create a larger all- around space where the eye is comfortable roaming.

However you decide to decorate your space, with the quality of amenities in your space, I’m certain that your home here at Encore Alsbury will be beautiful


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