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Decorating Your Home For the Holidays

If you’re like me the colder it gets outside the warmer you feel inside. I love this time of year and one of my favorite parts is not only the spirit of giving and laughter that comes with the holidays, but also the festive lights and stockings hung for all to see.

But if you’re not a natural at decor, the holiday thing can be daunting. Here are a few tips from me to you to help you get through this season looking like the party animal that you truly are deep down.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew: If you want to look festive, but work 60 hours a week, consider limiting your decorations to your patio. You are welcome at Encore Alsbury to hang lights and wreaths on your patio. Just remember how windy it can get and limit your exterior decor to things you won’t have to worry about blowing away on a blustery night.

Less is more: Remember, we were laughing AT Clark Griswold in Christmas Vacation, not WITH him. Give your electric bill a break and limit your holiday lights to one or two strands. 20 feet should cover your spacious patios with the glow of the holidays without breaking the bank. Remember, you have an outlet on your patio so there’s no need to run that plug in through a door or window.

A tree by any other name: If you don’t want to lug a full- sized tree up three flights of stairs, remember there are lots of other options. Most department stores have manufactured trees in all sizes. You can opt for a tall thin tree to fit in the space that you have or even a table top tree if you don’t want to move your furniture around. Save time by opting for the prelit version. Either way, Santa will still come if you’ve been good.

Don’t have deep pockets: You can be festive and not break the bank, consider Big Lots and the local Dollar Store, they always have loads of great deals this time of year that will help you look like Martha Stewart even on a budget and with very little time.

Hope this was helpful! We look forward to seeing your beautiful decor throughout the community.

Happy Holidays from the whole team here at Encore Alsbury.


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